Friday, February 22, 2008

i think i'm getting older

not sure how many of you out there in blogger land have ever heard the word "jimmy-rigged", but i sure thought that it was a common word used in everday language, at least it has been in my life since i was a wee lad. "jimmy-rigged" is a very useful and witty word that can be used on numerous occasions even throughout one day, that is if you know what it means. if you do not, however, know what the word "jimmy-rigged" means and you try and use it, i'm sorry my friend, but you will end up in a world of trouble.

for those of you not knowing the defintion of this fine word, let me enlighten you (hick style). now i do know that this word is probably heard more in the "farming" "backwoods" or even "country" style of language, but let's not let that distract from the incredible meaning of the word itself. "jimmy-rigged" means when something is broken or not working right, you fix it with whatever you have lying around that's handy (and it's definetly not the right part or tool for the job). take for example this little story that happened to me. and once i finish you will understand where the basis and title for this blog have come from.

i was at youth group the other night telling my students how i had just taken audrey to the airport in omaha. just a normal story no big deal whatsoever. but our expedition (vehicle, not a hiking tour) had gotten hit and the driver's side back door had been smashed in at the bottom, leaving a nice huge gap at the top that you could stick your hand out of. well, i had used a blanket to protect my white albino skin from the frigid iowa weather before we left for omaha. that didn't end up working so well. we had the heater on full blast and i still had my coat on. so i was a little upset at the coldness invading my whiteness. i dropped audrey off, and stopped at bass pro shops (a very high class establishment), and decided that it was time to "jimmy-rig" that gaping hole between the frame and door. so i looked around the inside of the expedition and low and behold i found some masking tape. so i taped up the inside and taped up the outside and it was superb! no wind, no cold, no air noise! it was fantastic, and i was proud of myself!

so i'm telling the students this story, and when i say that i "jimmy-rigged" the door, they all stared at me blankly. so i stared blankly right back expecting them to say how cool it was that it worked, and "hey nice use of the word jimmy-rigged, you really used it well" but no, nothing. then finally one of them asked in all seriousness, "Who's Jimmy?" and that's the moment that i realized that i am getting old.

good night

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

25 years old

i'm halfway to 50 baby!

Kansas City Christmas!

The Ross Family Christmas 3rd Annual Great Wolf Lodge & Cabelas Retreat took place as it has for the past 3 years in Kansas City, KS. This year we had one big room and another smaller one for all of us. it was a great time with lots of swimming and getting 500 gallons of water dumped on our heads by the huge bucket! we played some games and had a great time just hanging out.
here are some pictures from the whole experience!

kansas city's largest cinnamon roll!
hanging out in the room after waking up
patrick & micah hanging out
dennis putting on his acting skills for all of us
mom and dad at the restaurant - don't they look good?

jeannie and cartman eating some lunch

mexico pictures

well, here are some pictures from the last trip that i got to take. a trip down to mexico in a very short period of time... a wednesday drive from carlisle to wichita, a thursday drive from wichita to eagle pass texas (15 hours, with a blizzard), a friday drive all over Mexico (8:45 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.) a saturday drive from eagle pass texas back to wichita (7:45 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.), and a sunday afternoon drive back to iowa (through a blizzard for part of the trip). the first 2 pics are at nueva rosita where our Middle River Team will be serving and the last 2 pics are of a new mission in cloete.

these four pics below are from our garage sale fundraising for mexico.
it turned out to be a good day and we sold a lot but as you can see, we still
had a ton left.