Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2 weeks till we move! ahhhhh!

life feels pretty crazy right now. we have 2 weeks left here in iowa before we move to wyoming. it's going to be a 14 and a half hour drive to kemmerer when we make the trek. but we are going to split it up into 2 days. everything is very exciting yet we still have all the mundane things of life as well, such as mowing the grass mixed in with renting a 16 ft. truck to haul all of our stuff in. i'm also directing j.h. weekender camp this weekend, so i'm preparing for that as well.

being stuck in the middle of two things is never the best place to be in my opinion. you are still trying to take care of all the stuff that you did before plus anticipate and try to plan for what's ahead. it's a little frustrating, and as of yet a little bit exhausting. because you want to live fully in the present, doing a good job at what you are supposed to be doing now, and by force you have to think about planning for the move.

that's all i got for tonight. peace.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Junior High Camp 2008

This was my second year as director for Junior High Camp for Iowa Yearly Meeting. Our camp meets at Camp Quaker Heights in Eldora, IA. It is nestled right in amongst lots of trees in Pine Lake State Park. This year J.H. Camp went from June 8 to the 13. We had right around 40 kids there, and it went really well. I was also in charge of about 8 high school students who helped me out with games, workshops, the schedule, announcements, rules, and the general things that go into leading a camp. Audrey led our morning chapels and Ryan Kendall was our speaker in the evening. Jesse Watts led worship for us. We only had 1 Tornado warning, only had to make up about 30 new rules, and we didn't have to send anybody home! all in all it was a great time.