Thursday, April 30, 2009

Headed To Boise, Idaho!

Audrey and I are leaving this morning for Boise, Idaho for our Yearly Intermountain West District Conference. We are excited about getting the opportunity to be gone for a couple of days and explore some new territory.

We were also extremely blessed by a couple in our church who has let us borrow their chevy impala for the trip! Such an awesome thing! We also received some money in the mail from a very faithful person who continues to make us feel very humbled with their generosity.

Looks like it is going to be a gorgeous day to travel as well, pictures and updates will occur along the way! Stay tuned...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Salt Lake City Marathon 2009 Report

Since Audrey gave a great report of our marathon, I will give a condensed version and tell the story from when we got split about mile 5. The sun still hadn't come through the clouds or over the mountains, not sure which, but it was about the perfect temperature. From mile 5 - 13 we kept a pretty even pace it felt like and Adam kept coaching me in what to eat and what to drink so I didn't get hungry or dehydrated.

We finished 13.1 miles in about 2 hours and 15 minutes or so. My legs were a little sore at this point, but I felt pretty good overall. From about mile 15 - 20 we were on a long stretch of highway with really nobody around and only a couple of aid stations. This was the longest feeling part of the race because we weren't in an area where a lot of people were, just cars flying by on the other side of the highway.

The farthest that I had run at any one time during my training was 16 miles, so everything from there on out was new territory. About mile 22 my left leg started to cramp a little bit, and at about 22 1/2 I had to stop and stretch it out. We kept on going till about 24 when both legs cramped and they kept cramping in different places. It was really weird how my quad would cramp up, and then my hamstring would, and then my calves, and then the other leg. It was like the muscles decided that at least one muscle had to be cramping all the time so they just shared the load and kept me guessing on which one would sieze up next.

At the end of mile 24 they decided to put in this large hill before you got to mile 25, it was a killer for everybody I think. But once you reached mile 25 it was downhill all the way into the finish line which I crossed with Adam at 4:28:00 exactly. WE WERE DONE!

As soon as I finished I tried calling Audrey on my cell phone, and she was only one mile behind us. So I waited at the finish line to give her a huge hug when she crossed. Almost made me start crying!

The soreness in my muscles stuck around really bad until about yesterday. Today I feel almost normal again. It was pretty funny to watch Audrey and I walk around on Sunday and Monday. It was a very "tender" looking walk.

So that's the story, it was a great experience, and I'm pretty sure we are going to do one again!!!!

Salt Lake City Marathon 2009 Pictures

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Audrey and i ran our first marathon today. We are on our way home now. I finished in 4:28 minutes and audrey finished in 4:42. We will have pictures soon!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Getting Ready For The Marathon

Well, my first marathon is happening in 3 days.

Not really sure how I feel about it all right now.

I know that I will finish it will just be how long and how much pain I will be in.

But the victory at the finish line will be totally worth it!!!

Think about and pray for Audrey and I on Saturday morning!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just got done watching marley and me. Great movie and very funny. It will make you want to buy a dog. The sequel is maya and me!

Easter Pictures

It's been a really busy past few weeks here as I'm sure it has been for lots of other people all over the globe. Just a few things that I have been busy with: Palm Sunday//Passover Dinner on Tuesday//Wednesday Evening Service//Thursday to Rock Springs//Good Friday Service//Saturday Worship Practice & Sunrise Service Practice & Cross Country Skiing//Sunday @ 7:00 a.m. - Sunrise Service// 10:30 a.m. - Regular Church Service// 12:30 - Leave for Rock Springs// Monday - To Salt Lake To Visit Someone In The Hospital// Tuesday - Worked all day....
Needless to say, I'm pretty beat; here are some pictures.

Just figured out how to blog from my cell phone. Pretty cool if you ask me