Monday, January 21, 2008

Psalm 19:14

"May the words of my mouth
and the meditation of my heart
be pleasing to your sight, O LORD,
my Rock and my Redeemer."
It was -26 degrees in Iowa with the wind chill on saturday. pretty stinking cold if you ask me. i don't think that i have ever been in weather like that before. it was just bitter. i heard that sometimes the snow never melts here all winter. i thought it was something to scare me, or to make the person sound more impressive, but as it turns out, it is true. we have gotten blasted just about every weekend here for the past month and a half, and the snow that happened then is, you guessed it, still here.
all of this has nothing to do with the verse of Scripture that i have written. but i needed to tell somebody. this verse has stuck out to me for the past couple days, and i think that it has begun to take root in my heart. i truly do want what i say and what i think about to be pleasing to God. now wanting and doing are 2 different things. but the action has to start with the thought. i have really needed God's help lately, just navigating through all of the things that life brings. His Wisdom, Discernment, Peace, Leading. He is my rock, i know that my footing in the world is always going to be firm, no matter what happens around me. and He is my redeemer, my Savior, He has redeemed me from sin and death. It's the least that i can do to make sure that the words that come out of my mouth and the thoughts that come from my heart are pleasing to Him. welp, that's all for tonight. peace.

Monday, January 14, 2008


I am a fan of movies. I have been since I went to college. I'm not sure how many movies I have watched in my 24 years of life, but i would venture to guess more than a lot of people. I enjoy movies because they tell stories, they can get you to think about things that you normally wouldn't think about. Sometimes they get you to think differently about things that you have always thought the same about. And sometimes they just make you completely forget about your life for a while, and laugh till it hurts. Here are a few movies that i have watched lately, that i thought were good. I will start with most recently watched and move backwards.

1. National Treasure 2 - A good action movie, and very clean. Rated pg, and made by Walt Disney. It throws a little bit of America's History in there as well.
2. September Dawn - An account of the true story of the "Mountain Meadow Massacre". This took place in Utah in 1857, a group of people traveling from Missouri to California have to stop in Utah for provisions. The Mormons let them stay, and then decide that they are "Gentiles" and the only way to "Save" them is to kill them. The things some people do in the name of God are scary.
3. I AM LEGEND - A futuristic movie, set in New York City. A virus spreads across the whole world, turning humans into ravaging beast like creatures. One man, Will Smith, is trying to find the cure. A great movie, I really enjoyed it.
4. Rescue Dawn - Based on a true story of an American Pilot, who got shot down over Vietnam, put in a POW camp, escaped and made it home safely. A great story of hope in the midst of death.
5. The Rainmaker - An older movie, based off of a John Grisham novel about Heatlh Insurance companies that rip off their clients. If you like courtroom drama, and lawyer action this is a great movie to watch. Matt Damon is the lead role.
6. Hot Rod - A stupid spoof comedy, I only watched it because one of my youth group kids said I should. It has quite a few funny parts, but no real value what so ever. cool beans...
7. Shrek The Third - Good comedy for kids & adults. I still think the 1st one is the best.

I'll leave you with those for now.

Thought For The Blog:
"Go out and enjoy a movie, and if you don't like it, don't worry you've only wasted 2 hours of your life!"

Monday, January 7, 2008