Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Trip To KS

Audrey and I returned home from our trip to Kansas on Wednesday. It was a great trip and so good to see my family and be there to help. My wonderful sister is pregnant with twins and is doing an amazing job at having to be in the hospital so they can continue to monitor them. We are praying for two safely delivered babies everyday!
This trip was just what I needed. It had been a long time since I had been able to see my family, and there is just something about being with them that makes everything seem okay. It was also a great chance to run in some 50 degree weather, as opposed to the below freezing temps that we have been having in Kemmerer. And to run with no snow. I got in a couple of good runs outside. One was even in a t-shirt and shorts. It felt amazing, but only made me want Summer to get here quicker.
I also got to go on a 7 miler early morning run with my good friend Adam. It was a great run on clear paved bike paths around Sedgewick County Park. Good conversations always happen with Adam and running. We were college roommates and Adam would always want to stay up late and talk. I just fell asleep on him.
We also got to use a newer YMCA while we were in Wichita. It was nice to always know that a treadmill or whatever you needed would always be available, but after a while I was ready to get back to our little Rec. Center where I know everything and everybody.
All in all it was a great trip and made the month of February seem to fly by! Which is always a bonus. Spring might be coming soon?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brooks Cascadia 6 First Impressions

I got the opportunity to run in my new Brooks Cascadia 6's yesterday. Granted that it was just through town, but the roads were snow packed and a little slick in spots. We just got about 4-5 in. of fresh new powdery snow that was blown into large drifts with 30 mph winds. I had already ran 4 miles that morning at our Rec. Center on the treadmill. Which is getting pretty old right now (I'm trying to break up the monotony by listening to books on my iPod). 
Our two dogs, Maya & Mountie, needed some exercise in the afternoon though, so I decided to give them a little two mile jaunt and try out my new shoes at the same time. 
Maya & Mountie posing nicely for treats.
At first the shoes felt a little stiff, but as I kept running they felt better and better. I didn't feel like I was running on slick snow either, the tread worked great and I never felt out of control at any point during the run. I was pretty pleased with them and I can't wait until I get to wear them out on some trails. Which could be a while considering it snowed here in June last year. Audrey and I are getting to take a trip to Wichita, KS this weekend to visit family, and from the looks of it the weather should be warmer there than here. Maybe I can find a good trail to run them on down there. Also looking forward to visiting GoRun Wichita, a new running store to the area.

Road ID

I just purchased a Road ID and I received it in the mail this week. Road ID is one of the sponsors for the upcoming race that I am directing, the "Burn Your Lungs Run". I was never really interested in purchasing a Road ID for myself, but I received a gift card for one and decided that I had better use it.
The idea behind the product is to have emergency contacts and medical information on you at all times (especially running, biking, etc...) so that if an accident occurs to where you may not be able to speak, people can see who you are, who to contact, and any other info. that might be valuable and life saving.
I have come close to traffic a few times while out running. There have been a few cars or should I say pickup trucks that have intentionally swerved at me while I was road running (and one guy who tried to spit on me, he missed by the way), but I have never really felt like I was in real danger of an accident. Probably the one time that I was the most concerned was when I was trail running. I know it's hard to imagine being concerned for your life when you are trail running, especially since we don't have bears in Southwest Wyoming. But we do have antelope hunters who are from out of state. I saw a group of hunters and was pretty sure their scopes were on me. Thank God that they saw that I was not an antelope (I can't run that fast).
All that being said, my views on Road ID has changed just since I got one. I think that its a great idea, and I am totally stoked to wear mine all the time. Not only is it a great piece of equipment and possibly life saving, I think it looks really cool too. And anything that I can wear that is associated with running, I'm all about it.
If you are a runner, or you are outdoors a lot or doing endurance activities I would say get one of these bad boys. It makes sense to buy one and wear one before you have an accident. Like preventative medicine. The next time you see me, I will be wearing my Road ID. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Barclay College Masters Program

It is official. I have been accepted into the Masters Program at Barclay College. I am scheduled to start online classes in the fall of 2011. When I graduate I will have a "Master Of Arts In Transformational Leadership".

It is a 2 year course with 1 week of on site intensive class time once per semester and the rest is done online. There are parts of entering into this endeavor that are a little overwhelming and a little frightening as well. But I know that God has led me into it, and He is continuing to open the doors for me to pursue this next step in my education. I am excited about being pushed out of my comfort zone, and also being pushed into accomplishing things that I would not have done on my own. We definitely need outside sources to help spur us along sometimes.

Hale Freezes Over 10k Race Report & Birthday Weekend

Well I finally have some time to give a race report from last weekend. Feels like a long time ago, so I'll do my best to recapture it all! Saturday morning for part of my birthday extravaganza Audrey and I headed down to Orem, UT for the "Hale Freezes Over" 10k Road Race. We ran this race last year and had a good time, so we figured we'd do it again.
We left Kemmerer around 6 a.m. and had great roads going down. We made it down with plenty of time to spare to get our bib numbers, change, and warm up. The weather was beautiful and I ran in shorts and my Sporthill top. The only bad part was the air quality. An inversion had settled into the valley trapping all of the smog and carbon dioxide.
Audrey and I hung together for about the first 2-3 miles averaging right under a 7 minute pace. I felt good and went ahead a little bit. The course was the same as last year and had one big hill around mile 5 that was a little rough - I think the only point in the race where I got passed by someone that I didn't pass back. For the last mile or so we ran along a major highway on the side street. Not great for views and inspiration, but it was really nice to be running outside after feeling strapped to the treadmill for a couple of weeks.
The mountains around Orem do make up for all the traffic though. They are majestic. I passed one other guy in the last mile and was right on the heels of 2 more, but they kept up a good pace. I finished in 41:34 - 8th male overall and 1st in my age division. Click below for the results.
The race was sponsored by the Hale Theatre in Orem. After the race was over they had pizza, drinks, and other food in the basement of their building. They were also providing free massages to all the racers, and free live music in the upstairs portion. The 10k awards were presented fairly quickly after the race. Audrey got 2nd female overall and won $35.00 in cash, season tickets to the Theatre, and a sweet medal. For getting first in my age division I got a small medal and a $5.00 card to Jamba Juice (woohoo-sarcasm).
Once the awards were over we headed to 26.2 Running Company in Provo. I won a $25.00 gift card to their store during a giveaway they did on Facebook. So I bought a new Asics beanie for the rest of the winter. From there we headed to Elanor's Gluten Free Bakery and Restaurant for lunch. It was really really good. Their entire family is allergic to gluten so they decided to open up a restaurant for others like them. Audrey has been experimenting with this and it has really been helping her.
After lunch we went to Wasatch Running Company so that I could buy a new pair of trail shoes. Since I am planning on running at least 1 ultra this summer I am going to need them. I settled on the Brooks Cascadia 6. I'll write a report about them later once I have ran some in them. They weren't yet in stock since they just came out, so they shipped them to me and I got them in the mail last night. They are amazing!
So all in all it was a great race and a great day. Here are some pictures.